How Do You Know If Your Telepathic Communication With An Animal Is Working?

Animal communication
Remington and I

Many people ask me how telepathic communication with animals is possible and if they try it, how will they know it’s working.  Using ‘word pictures’ along with the intent of clearly conveying your emotions, your desires and your loving connection with your animal companions are the foundation of establishing a telepathic relationship with them.  Trusting inter-species communication is paramount.  Remember, humans have a natural, intuitive connection with all life forms; we’ve just forgotten how to use it!

Try practicing telepathic communication as much as you use speech with your four-legged friends.  You’re doing it anyway, even if you don’t realize it.  Every time you use words to convey a message, there are always mental pictures and feelings that accompany those words.  Here’s a good example of a recent telepathic communication  I had with my horse Remington.

As I’ve written about before, when I visit him at the farm where he lives in a pasture with 2 other horses, I spend time with them while I sit in a chair under one of the oak trees, eating my lunch.  Last visit when I turned Remy back out into the pasture after our time together, he went to the far end to check out the remaining hay from breakfast while William and Luke hung around with me.  They started jousting with each other, not fully aware of how close they were to me.  (Remy on the other hand, is very aware of space/boundaries with me since we are so bonded and have worked so much on mutual respect in our relationship).  I soon realized that Luke and William could potentially knock me and my chair over, so rather than getting after them I decided to ask for help from Remy.  He had looked up a few minutes before and knew the boys were with me, so I sent a strong telepathic message to Remy “I could use some help here”.

I accompanied it with my emotions (feeling somewhat vulnerable in that moment), images of him coming right over to us (word pictures) and the intent of  using our loving connection to create harmony for all four of us.  Remy looked up, took about 2 more bites of his hay and then cantered over to us, his energy focused and attuned.  He then  quietly and gracefully got between Luke, William and me in the chair.  He stood right next to me and conveyed to the other two boys that it was time for a nap, no more ‘horsing around’.  He then spent the next few minutes keeping himself between me and the other two boys while everyone settled down for a nice afternoon stand-up snooze.

This is a good example of what can be achieved when you trust in this beautiful way of connecting with animals.  Just as I was touched and so honored by Remy’s immediate response (it is obvious that he and I are reaching vivid and wondrous depths in our relationship), you too can develop this kind of bond with your beloved animal companions.  All it takes is your heart and your willingness to try.

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