If You’ve Ever Wondered What Animals Think About Love……

“When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms.”   Ma Jaya Sati

animal communication
Felix on His Cat Tree

Last year during my recovery from an injury to my back, our Orange Boy Felix started doing healings on me.  I didn’t ask for his tender and sweet assistance, it just happened one day when I was doing a meditation.  Due to my discomfort, my meditations were done while lying down instead of sitting up.  That day, Felix was lying next to me and about 5 minutes into the meditation, he walked up onto my chest and stomach and started kneading me with all his might.

Purring away and chirping with a determined, sweet intent, he moved all over me, directed by some otherworldly force.  I could feel his energy of love and warmth moving through me, soothing my aches and pains and bringing me tremendous calm and a feeling of relief.  When he was finished, I stroked him and thanked him for his intuitive wisdom and his help.  He was beaming with pleasure, visibly affected by his unconditional act of love.  These Feline Healings became a regular ritual almost every day.  Even now, when I am feeling tired, stressed or out of sorts, no matter where I am, he finds me and hops onto my lap and gives me one of his healings. 

animal communication
Oscar and Felix


Animals have an uncanny knack of knowing more about us than we do about our own selves.  They pick up on our very thoughts, emotions and inner goings-on…especially during those times when we may need a soothing reminder that we are loved and appreciated.  Like us, they are re-charged by the act of freely giving their bounty of love and affection.  Perhaps it’s because they understand better than we do that the energy of love is truly the most powerful force in the universe.  I like to think that animals are like angelic beings ….here to remind us about what’s really important in life and willing to be a part of our lives so that we might wake up and remember this too.

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