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animal communication

I recently helped a friend of a friend with the passing of her beloved dog.  It was his time and although letting him go was very painful, our sessions and the messages he had for her helped her be at peace with her decision.

I believe in an after life for all beings.  I’ve had far too many experiences communicating with the spirit of those who have crossed over to question the transition from this life into another. I know from experience that the essence of those we love lives on not only in our hearts.

There is a wonderful book titled “Animals and The Afterlife” which chronicles true stories of people who’ve experienced a real-life message from their beloved animal companion after their passing.  I highly recommend it as not only important reading if you are faced with the difficult decision of letting your loved one go, but as a reminder that the universe is an infinite and mysterious power that, when we give it the chance….will present us with miracles, answers and spiritual sustenance.

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