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Animal Communication
In unison

One of my favorite activities with my horse Romeo is walking, trotting and moving in unison.  Whether we are at liberty or simply going for a walk-about this simple technique is a powerful way to encourage a profound connection between horse and human.

The next time you are hand-walking your horse, try this: With your horse at your side, his/her head at your shoulder, go for a relaxing walk-about.  After 5 minutes or so, once you’ve both settled into a quiet sense of partnership, imagine taking the same steps together…right foot, right front hoof…left foot, left front hoof.  Don’t force it, just relax into it.  Create a rhythm with your entire body in which you and your horse are in unison….a soft, gentle sway of two individuals matching each others movements.  Notice the enticing feeling of warmth and connection that, like strands of elastic softness….stretches from you to your horse….from your horse to you.

Notice the look of love and gratitude coming from the eyes of your horse.  You have now entered the equus zone of silent community….the profound world of equine safety in unison.

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  1. Robin
    | Reply

    I was looking for you today. Took Rico for a walk. He tried to lead so I gently pulled on the stud chain and said whoa. He stopped. I waited and then began again. Did it again if he started to lead. He ate lots of grass and then we walked around the barn. Couple of times on our walk he did a little hyperventilating, he would raise his chest and head, we stopped and I looked at him and gently pulled on his nose and put down hand downward and we slowly lowered his head to my hand. I told him good boy and lots of pats and walk again. We did this about 5 times before going back to stall. Was so cool! Got a cool picture of him eating and looking at me!!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Fantastic! You and Rico have a wonderful, special connection so I’m not surprised that you are making great progress. He trusts you.

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