Inter-species Communication

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animal communication
photo courtesy of Julian Lichter

We know that inter-species communication between humans and animals is possible.  What about communication amongst the animals themselves.  How does it work?  Every species has their particular bark, whinny, chirp, meow or other form of verbal communication which conveys volumes about their feelings, protecting their territory, courting their mate, etc.  But the most powerful form of communication is unspoken.  It’s telepathic.  It’s energetic in nature and therefore understandable from one species to the next.

The next time you hear a bird chirp, a dog bark or a horse nicker, listen for the hidden meaning behind their talk.  Use your imagination to suss out the feeling, the mood and the intent behind that message.  That’s where the telepathic source is. That’s the beginning of understanding inter-species communication at it’s core.

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