Is Loving Them Enough?


animal communication
Love on Your Animal

Our animal companions live domesticated lives….some days their most exciting experience is greeting us at the door when we come home or nickering to us when we arrive at the barn.  Is just loving them every day enough to help them feel complete?

While it’s vital that we enrich their lives with play times, walks, training, socialization, learning new things and challenging them with new experiences…..the foundation of their lives is the loving bond we have with them.  Whether it’s your canine buddy, feline counter-part or equine partner….your animal friends rely mostly on the consistent and steadfast love you show them.

When we focus on making sure that each and every day we tell them how much we love them and how important they are……through the words we say, the treats we hand out, the hugs we give, the “good boy’s” we say or the lap-time we provide, we create a golden thread of support and reassurance that is vital to our animal family.

Just like us, animals thrive on being appreciated.  Love is the universal language which speaks to us all.  Don’t let a day go by when you don’t love on your animal friends……it feeds not only their souls, but yours as well.

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