It Depends On Your Perspective

animal communication
The Exercise Walker

There is a European Exercise Walker at the ranch where my horse Remington is boarded.  It’s used for exercising the horses.  I used to think these kinds of man-made devices were un-natural and not necessarily good for horses.

That was until I came to realize how much Remy enjoys his time in the walker with his herd mates.  His idea of the walker is “It’s the Fun Zone where I get to visit with my friends and have a good time while I get some exercise.” 

animal communication
Remy in the Walkier


Watching my young horse make the best out of anything that is asked of him has brought such wonderful awareness and refreshing insights into my life.  He has taught me that everything depends upon my perspective.  And the key to happiness is to be willing to change my perspective…to be able to embrace another view point and to discover that all things carry within them a remarkable, positive side.

Animals help us realize that by being able to change our perspectives, we open ourselves up to a whole new world of possibilities and endless opportunities for spiritual enrichment.

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