It Takes A Village To Help This Horse

animal communication
Ben and Niki

At the ranch where Remington used to live is a horse named Ben.  Known for his gentle sweetness, he is a wonderful, sound, 14yr old gelding that in his prime was one of the top ten Appaloosa jumpers in the United States. At the ranch, he has been giving lessons, going on trail rides with his owner and also helping humans get in touch with themselves through his work with EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning). He is affectionate, funny and a devoted mount who takes care of his rider. I grew very fond of Ben…..I found in him a deeply humble, wise and gifted soul who loves helping people.  Often when I talked with him, he told me how important it was to him to help humans.  He felt it was his calling.

At that time, Ben was struggling with eye infections and after I moved Remy to the farm where he now lives, I learned that Ben had been diagnosed with Uveitis, an eye disease that can cause blindness.  When some of the wonderful women who board and/or ride horses at that ranch learned that Ben needed medications 3 times per day, there was no hesitation. They formed “Team Ben” and took on the ritual of helping his owner (who is self-employed and struggled with getting out to the ranch 3X a day) with the daunting task of making sure he got his am, mid-day and pm meds.

animal communication
Beautiful Ben

After several follow-up exams, the ophthalmologist now believes Ben is a good candidate for implants in his eyes.  (This will not only keep him from loosing his site, but will reduce recurring inflammation.)  But here’s the challenge:  It’s an expensive surgery; his owner is already facing mounting vet bills and will have difficulty covering the cost of the surgery.

Enter GoFundMe.  I love the concept of GoFundMe and have donated to causes or projects that have touched my heart…..even when I didn’t know the people and or animals involved.  I know that even small donations can build up to big funds.

Ben now has the chance to extend his village of “Team Ben” to even more people who feel the need and real importance of helping him do what he feels called to do.  Here’s the link to his fund.

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