It’s All in the Attitude


animal communication
Oscar Attitude

“Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching?”      Dennis and Wendy Mannering 

This quote is a humorous reminder that our attitudes influence everyone around us, including ourselves!  Ever notice how when you’re with someone who exudes a positive attitude, it’s easy to pick up on it and start feeling positive yourself?

Animals are universal sponges when it comes to this principle.  They feel our attitudes, sometimes before we are aware of them ourselves.  They also have the skills to help us shift a grumpy or negative attitude into a better one.  Because they are continuously seeking harmony and joy, animals have the ‘mood changer’ power to lift our spirits and remind us about what’s really important. 

The next time you need an attitude adjustment, spend some time playing with your dog, riding your horse or cuddling with your cat.  It works every time!

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