animal communication
Romeo getting his kisses

I once did an animal communication session with a sweet mare whose owner wanted to know more about the mare’s past.  One of the most vivid images this horse sent was of a man who she said “Smells bad…I was very afraid of him”.  I described this fellow to her owner who immediately proclaimed “Oh my gosh, that’s her previous trainer.  He was always angry….treated the horses harshly.”

Animals have heightened senses…think of the dogs who can detect cancer with their noses.  This little mare was not only describing the strong emotions coming off her previous trainer, but his distinct smell…the smell of anger!

Just imagine how sweet we must smell when we shower our animals with kindness.

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  1. Suzanne Tate
    | Reply

    Animals can tell us so much if we just open up and accept their talents. Great post.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thank you Suzanne. I think I have learned more about life from animals than anyone else!

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