Kisses With Horses

animal communication

There is nothing in this world like kissing horses…..especially when they love it as much as you do.  There’s that delicious sweet-spot just above and to the side of their nostril, along their muzzle.  I’m convinced that drinking in that equine smell while giving smooches to them is profoundly healing to the core of both parties involved!

animal communication
Amelio The Flirt

I visited a horse ranch yesterday which is owned by one of my clients.  I had the chance to talk briefly with several horses, but the highlight of my visit was Amelio.  A big, sweet Warmblood, he flirted with me unabashedly……he just couldn’t get enough of those smoochie kisses.  I spent most of my time with him and when I left the Ranch, I was filled with a feeling of absolute gratitude for having the chance to kiss horses.

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