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Checking Out The Hood

I was thinking last night about the impact labels have on our animals.  For example, Remington is a young horse (he’ll be 4 years old next month), so many people label him as a baby.  It is an affectionate term and considered endearing, since ‘baby’ horses are known for their inability to stay focused, their cute-ness and their sometimes high energy.

But Remington is also a very wise soul and an incredibly quiet horse.  He has a great head on his shoulders and although he looks to me for everything, he also figures things out on his own.  Because I am responsible for helping him define not only his world, but his sense of self, I have decided that I don’t want to call him a ‘baby’.

Animals pick up the energy and intent behind not only our actions, but our words.  Although I know he will have his moments of youthful abandon, curiosity and occasional naughtiness, I want to bring out Remington’s maturity, his strength and his incredible wisdom.

Labels are not necessarily good or bad.  It is the meaning beneath them that determines their effectiveness.

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