Learning How To Accept What Is…..Even When It’s Not What You Wanted

“Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be.  Don’t think that you’ve lost time.”   Asha Tyson

animal communication
Holly and Remington getting ready for the show

When I found my horse Remington, I had dreams of riding him and being with him until I was in my late 80’s.  After loosing my beloved Romeo and never thinking I could love another horse, I was not only surprised, but delighted that Remy and I instantly developed a profoundly deep bond.

Throughout my first year with him however, I was faced with a series of injuries which prevented me from riding.  Although I continued to see him daily, hand walk him, love on him and develop our incredible relationship, when I came-off Remington nearly 4 months ago and broke my tailbone, it was a real wake-up call.  I realized I needed to step back and make some extremely difficult and heartbreaking decisions.  Remington is a kind, gentle, sweet and young horse.  I am a somewhat inexperienced rider.  Although he is the love of my life, and the horse that I’m sure Romeo had a hand in finding for me, I knew in my heart that I couldn’t give Remy the kind of life he deserved.  He loves to be ridden, he loves adventure and he needed a rider who could help him grow, learn and feel confident.  I made the life-changing decision to find him another person.  Little did I realize that divine order was afoot.

animal communication
Mane banding


While I was deeply struggling with the possibility of letting Remington go, my friend Holly, whose horse is boarded at the same stables was also coming to a tough realization:  her horse Swift who’s 26, was showing signs of slowing down.  When the vet confirmed that it was time to retire Swift from her life of shows, horse camping and daily riding, Holly asked if she could ride Remy.  It was love at first sight for both of them.  Holly is now leasing Remington with the intention of buying him.  Not only will Remington stay at the stables (he absolutely loves his life there), but he now has 2 mom’s, will start going to shows, and beginning this summer, will go horse camping.  Best of all, Holly wants me to stay hands-on involved with Remington.  I will be able to see my beautiful boy grow up, and he will be able to experience the love and adoration that not only has he come to expect, but which he deserves.

animal communication
Remy cuddling with Holly


Today, Holly was giving him his first mane banding in preparation for their first show tomorrow.  In between wanting to cuddle with her and give her kisses, he was thrilled to be receiving such genuine attention.  My heart swelled as I watched him take in all the love and sweetness he could handle.

I can’t wait to take more photos of him and Holly all dressed up at the show, turning heads and having a blast.

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