Learning The Art of Courage

animal communication

I am constantly inspired by the way animals offer us so many life lessons.  My horse Remington is learning new things every day…and in the process he is teaching me the same lessons.  Today when I turned him out, he (after having his joyful roll in the dirt and customary buck and play afterwards), was preoccupied with something he saw in the distance.  I could tell by his stance that he was quite unsure if he should be curious or afraid of this distant unknown.  (I realized it was the multiple riders in the arena where we ride that captivated his attention…so many horses and humans moving about could mean danger or it could mean fun).

As I watched him go from being afraid of something he couldn’t quite figure out to being relaxed with it, I watched him manifest courage and faith within himself.  Watching him go through this process helped me feel my own sense of courage and faith.  Sharing this moment….however small and insignificant it might have seemed….touched my heart deeply.

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