Left Brain Right Brain

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animal communication

One of the reasons why animals bring us so much joy is because they trigger our right brain.

Our human daily activities are left-brain oriented…making decisions, using technology, solving problems, managing our complex lives. But since animals live in a ‘right brain” world…. emotions, intuition, spontaneity, curiosity and natural inclinations, when we’re with them they return us to a state of balance. 

Today was a good example of this.  When I visited Romeo, he was charged with energy.  The approaching rain storm….gusty wind, chilled air and the anticipation of change filled him with pure  aliveness as we walked around the ranch.  Surrounded by his bursting-at-the-seams energy,  there was no room for intellectual analysis.  There was only the sense of feeling completely alive, filled with the pure joy of sharing that moment with my beloved horse.

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