Listen For The Trees Who Sing

animal communication
Nature Preserve

We live overlooking a beautiful nature preserve….complete with a bounty of trees and our own small “Wild Kingdom” of various wildlife.  Today when I took our dog Bella for a walk, I decided to go down the road that leads to the preserve.  Since it’s off-limits (to protect the animals and habitat) we only approached the entrance.

As I stood, taking in the quiet, the beauty and the energy of this sacred space, I heard our ‘singing trees’.  These are the eucalyptus and in several spots they are crowded together, their limbs intertwined in an embrace of togetherness and community.  When the wind gently moves through them, they create a sound that is unique only to them.  Almost like the tones of a violin being played, as the limbs rub against each other they create a sound: their song.

animal communication
Eucalyptus Families

Standing under them, Bella and I were serenaded by their mystical symphony….a reminder that we are all connected.  We are all part of this wondrous phenomenon of Nature; we are never separate from her and when we open our hearts to her, we are brought back to the center of our being.

Walking back home, I was soothed and relaxed; touched deeply and so grateful for the experience.

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