Listen For The Voice

“There is a voice that does not use words……listen”  Rumi

animal communication

It is in the silence, that space between words where we can connect deeply with our animal companions.  Today when I was grooming my horse Remington, I was acutely aware of that abundant quiet between us…that spiritual place where two hearts and minds can meet to share love and connection.  To those who might have been watching us, it just looked like a quiet, happy horse who was enjoying his grooming with his person.  But there was an entire world of energy and vivid communion happening between us…volumes of understanding and appreciation weaving back and forth between us like a cosmic dance of light.

When we listen with our being….that part of us that is not the mind (which wants to dissect everything in order to better understand it), but is instead our spirit, that graceful, quiet part of us that is eternal….we are able to connect with the spirit of our animal friends.  And when we offer them this kind of connection, they know we are offering them our hearts and inviting them to be with us in that place where the divine dwells.

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