Listen To Your Gut

animal communication

Our little girl dog Bella has taught me some interesting lessons about listening to a dog’s fluctuating  food needs.  When she came to us, she was on dry dog food and water.  I fully admit to being over the top when it comes to feeding not only my husband and myself, but our animal family a diet of  organic, premium food. Bella took to the new diet with a bit of hesitation but after a few weeks, became the poster girl for eating healthy.

Recently she starting refusing her morning meal.  I tried coxing, adding tasty morsels on top, switching brands…all to no avail.  I finally realized she was telling me she no longer needed something in that morning mix.  I realized it was the bee pollen (a wonderful additive for dogs who have sensitive skin and/or allergies)  She was trying to tell me that she no longer needed that supplement and to please leave it out thank you very much.  It worked.  As soon as we made the change, she started enjoying her morning meals again.  Sometimes animal communication means listening and trusting with your gut. (pun intended!)



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