animal communication
Animals Talk all the time

A common question (and a good one)  I often hear is  “How can I practice animal communication with those animals  I love?”

Listen.  It’s not about talking to them.  It’s about learning to quiet our own minds, (dismissing doubt that this is possible), keeping  our hearts open (remembering how much we love them and trusting that’s enough to make it happen) and making a promise to them that we’ll listen for their communication. It’ll sometimes happen when you least expect it….you’ll have a thought that pops into your head and your gut will tell you it’s coming from someone besides yourself.

I’m always delighted to see the incredulous look on someone’s face who has ‘heard’ their animal for the first time.  “Holy Cow….I just heard a thought in my head I don’t think was mine….was that my dog (cat,horse, etc.) just saying something to me?!”

Open your heart. Quiet your head. It will happen 

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  1. robin
    | Reply

    Johnny is telling me all is fine–hes in control!
    Rico…i am still listening–i know he wants attention, i know he likes to help me when i work on his outside area…keep working keep listening—liked the entry!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Robin, Yes, Johnny is most assuredly in control….and all the horses know it! He is so very clear in his communication, eh?! And Rico…he loves the attention you give him in all forms…working on his paddock, stroking his neck and telling him how important he is to you…. his communication is through appreciation, I think.

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