Little Things Are A Big Deal

animal communication
Are You Listening?

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily whirl of our lives, going through the motions when taking care of our animal companions.  The daily walks become rote, their mealtimes hurried, play-time put off until tomorrow, grooming a hurried preparation for a quick ride.

There’s no need for guilt when we realize our animals have taken a back seat to our hectic schedule.  What is important is to realize that sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most to them.  A genuine cuddle with our cat, letting heartfelt emotions of love and appreciation come through in our gentle touch, a walk with our dog as we focus on really enjoying their company rather than thinking about what we’ll do when we get back, a ride with our horse as we immerse ourselves in the oneness of the equine/human bond, giving thanks for such a spiritually rich experience.

Animals are the masters of reading energy.  They know when your heart is really in it and when it isn’t.  To them, even the smallest gestures of genuine love and attention lifts their spirits and keeps them feeling connected to us.

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  1. Kim
    | Reply

    This is so true – when Jaws woke me up for what seemed like the fiftieth time last night – I finally realized he wanted me, not one more can of food. Love you Jaws!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    HI Kim, Jaws is the king of loving!

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