Living in Other Dimensions: The Secret to Being At Peace

animal communication
Oscar In Bliss

In my experience, animals live most of their lives in other dimensions.  Take cats, for example.  They sleep most of the time; their consciousness swept away into a world of  out-of-body experiences and dream-like existence. As a result, they are masters at knowing how to be still and quiet, both within and without. 

animal communication


Horses too.  Although it isn’t sleep that helps them remain suspended in another world of ethereal bliss, they exist within a field of awareness that we tend to think as accessible only through deep meditation or concentrated focus.  Their ability to sense, feel and understand telepathic connectivity and their uncanny way of being able to read not only us, but all things in their environment allows them to be at peace almost all the time.  If you watch a horse who has become momentarily alarmed or upset by something, they usually return immediately to a state of balance and harmony.  They seek stillness first, above all else.

Animals can teach us profound wisdom about exploring dimensions and states of consciousness beyond what we consider to be normal, safe, predictable and reliable.  By spending time with our animal friends and allowing ourselves to just mesh with them, being observant of their astute abilities to trust and even seek out altered states, we can begin to let go of our perceived reality.  We can begin to see that there is a place, a state of being that calls to us, beckons us to return to it’s loving and gentle state of grace.  We can discover that there is a kind of peace that is within us and around us all the time, waiting for us to remember, soothing us back to our truest self and embracing us with it’s infinite divinity.

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    You are so right!

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