Living In the Moment


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Jesse’s Passion

“When you get there,there isn’t any there there.”……Gertrude Stein

What does it really mean to live in the moment? Animals do it naturally…..they have a genetic predisposition for living from moment to moment…while still understanding the past and the future.  How can we learn from them?

The more I study animals, the more I realize that one of our biggest challenges as humans is to merge our awareness with that of the simple yet profound awareness of animals.  They are blessed with an intelligence that rises above the daily worries and complications of life.

Perhaps one of the keys in learning how to live in the moment (instead of waiting to get ‘there’ only to find that there is no there there) is to embrace everything about each moment.  Even if those moments overwhelm us with uncertainty.

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  1. Connie
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    Love this!

  2. admin
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    Thank you Connie! Hope all is well with you.

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