Living In The Moment

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“This moment contains all moments.”  C.S. Lewis

animal communication

Romeo is normally a very calm horse, however being left behind triggered an ancient equine urgency that made him feel vulnerable and in danger. The best thing I could do for him was to quiet-down my own energy then go for a walk with him so he could see the other horses on the Ranch.

As we walked around, I found myself worrying about him, hoping he would recover from the loss of his friends who had moved, anxious about what else I could do to help return his world to order.  Romeo on the other hand was, within minutes, happy, quiet and pleased to be on our walk-about…ready for the next adventure.  I was reminded about what a miraculous gift animals have for us….the ability to just go from one experience to the next…being completely engrossed from moment to moment.  The intensity with which Romeo experienced his panic at being alone matched the intensity with which he experienced his joy to be walking around.

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