Living Inside Your Head

“No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head.”  Terry Josephson

animal communication
Remington in his show stall

Try as I might, there are times when I am stuck inside my head and don’t know it.  That left brain has a very convincing voice at times!  My horse Remington is at the Del Mar National Horse Show this week and during the days leading up to him going, I was spending way too much time in my head…worrying how he’d do at his first really big show.  Thinking I needed to go over every detail in my mind to make sure I was considering everything I could do to help him adjust to the new environment.  Fussing over how I would handle the challenge of watching him being potentially nervous as he figured things out, knowing that he’d have to work through some of it on his own as part of the growing up process.  Waking myself up in the middle of the night with motherly worry over how he was spending his first night away from home since I bought him.

During the last two days since he arrived at the Del Mar Fairgrounds where the show is being held, I’ve been reminded (once again!) how animals are so gifted at just being in the present.

animal communication
Remy checking out his surroundings

From watching Remy check out his stall,

animal communication
Remington and Manuel

to him being warmed up by one of his favorite people Manuel, who is his trainers’ assistant,

animal communication
Remington and Holly

to seeing how he and Holly, the woman who is leasing him did on their first class…..

animal communication
Holly and Remington winning 3rd place in Trail Class

  …..I humbly left the Fairgrounds today after giving him a kiss and telling him how very proud of him I was.

As I drove home, I realized that in spite of all my planning, worrying and thinking, Remington was just FINE at the show.  He wasn’t living inside his head.  He was living in the moment.

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