Looking for Your Animal Messengers


animal communication

Aside from sharing our planet with other species, could there be a more spiritual reason why animals are part of our lives?  As I’ve written in other posts, I believe without a doubt that there is.  When we understand the presence of animals in our lives with the perspective that they are here to teach us lessons…as well as share our beautiful planet….animals become our  mentors, our partners and our co-conspirators for living in harmony with the divine.

When we open ourselves to this concept, suddenly animal messengers are everywhere.  The hawk who just happened to call out his majestic cry in the sky at the same time you were pondering an important decision.  The squirrel who darted across the road right in front of your car.  The cat who comes to sit on your lap when you are in the midst of deep thought.  The horse who takes you for a wild but fun ride during a time when your life is feeling topsy- turvey.  The dog who looks up at you with utter devotion just because you’re standing there.

animal communication
Walk Your Talk

These are the moments…the reminders that animals truly are messengers.  We need only open our hearts and minds and trust in the living expression of Spirit that exists in all beings.

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  1. Mary Muncil
    | Reply

    Beautiful reminder today Debra…thank you for this and for your uplifting words of love, and this deep well of wisdom that you so generously share with us. , love to you this magical day, Mary

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Mary, thank you for your lovely comment! I hope this eve of Christmas and tomorrow, Christmas Day are filled with love and beauty…for you and all those you hold dear.

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