Love At First Sight


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I have heard from so many clients about meeting their soul-mate animal companions by love at first sight.  I know from my own experiences as well…… this is not only possible, it is natural.  Love at first sight has it’s many variations for each special animal/human relationship that flowers.

My Remington has come into my life to remind me of this most beautiful, mystical and magical opportunity  when two souls, be they human or animal….come together to celebrate the divine embrace of deep connection.  The day he came to the ranch where I ride, when I went to get him from his stall just a few minutes later, he looked straight at me and said “Hey, I know you!  You’re the lady who scratched my neck.  I like you!”

(A few days earlier when I had ridden him for the first time, and knew I really liked him and wanted to take him on trial…I had scratched and rubbed his neck and told him to think about whether or not he wanted to be my horse.)

Animals know us better than we do ourselves sometimes.  They remind us to trust in the universal principle of love and faith and to open our hearts to abundance and beauty everywhere. 

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  1. Susan Alcantara
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    Debra, just yesterday was the 6th anniversary of finding our second dog Lucky by pure chance, walking on the desert trails with my older dog, Dobie (who was 7 at the time). From a distance I saw a little black dog walking down the trail all by herself. I thought, “where is her owner?” and expected someone to come from behind. But nobody did. My dog was on leash, and to my great surprise this little dog trotted right up to us and kissed my Dobie all over his face. I was stunned that Dobie tolerated a total stranger to do this to him, but he didn’t flinch at all. I said to her, “where did you come from?” I knew I couldn’t just leave her abandoned and alone so I patted my thigh and she trotted alongside me all the way home, not once trying to run away. (no collar, no tags, and soon to be discovered at a trip to the local animal hospital, no microchip) – for her, seeing my Dobie and me, I guess it was love at first sight, and I was equally smitten. That little girl knew what she wanted and ‘claimed’ her big brother from the start. We named her Lucky, of course!

  2. admin
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    Dear Susan, what a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing this. I do believe Lucky chose you and Dobie.

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