Love is a Whole-Being Experience

animal communication

It’s true what the masters and the mystics say about Love:  it is the most powerful energy in the universe.

I have been blessed to experience love with so many people and animals in my life, but recently I have been enchanted and deeply, deeply touched by the power of love as it continues to deepen between my horse Remington and me.  We are reaching levels of oneness and communication that leave me feeling so very grateful to be alive…..and with a sense of awakening to something within me that has been there for eons; a feeling that Remy and I are tapping into an ancient force field which is and always has been the foundation of life.

Yesterday when I visited Remy at the Farm, it was a windy, cool day and I could feel his genuine excitement and connection to the weather……making him more alert, a bit flighty and filled with vibrant energy.  As we walked around the Farm I shared with him that I completely understood that feeling.  As a kid I couldn’t wait for windy days when I could go outside and just BE in the wind.  I’d savor that indescribable feeling that nature was alive and awake and beckoning me to come play and dance in the invigorating feeling of being surrounded by so much energy!  Yes, windy days can mean spooky days for horses, but in this case, my sharing this childhood memory with him united us into a delicious togetherness of trust and safety.  The love that flowed between us was tactile, visceral, all encompassing.  It was clear that he felt it as much as I did.  His side-ways glances at me, his gentle nudges and sweet nickering told me that he too was soaking up this power of Love.

How blessed we are to have these moments of awakening, when our hearts and our souls unit and we remember who we really are.

How blessed I am to have a relationship with this beautiful spirit named Remington, who brings out the most beautiful parts of me.




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