Loyal Companions

animal communicaiion
Linda and the Girls

My friend Linda has two Golden Labrador sisters named Sugar and Jessie.  Trained as Service Dogs, they are not only smart, kind and extremely loyal, they are also her best friends, confidants…. and the most fantastic roommates a girl could ever want.  Whenever I visit, I like to bring my camera so I can capture the close bond between all of them.

animal communication
Sugar and Jessie

Treated like the intelligent and devoted companions that they are, I am always refreshed by Linda’s honest, straight forward and respectful way of talking to her girls.  She speaks to them the way she speaks to her two-legged friends, using similar tones, full sentences and the same expectation of intelligent comprehension.   Their relationship is an inspiring example of what happens when human beings treat animals the same way they themselves would like to be treated.

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