animal communication
Bill and Bella

I am big on manners between animals and their humans.  As an animal communicator, I have found that those animals who are well-behaved always have better relationships with their people.  It’s not about being overly strict , it’s about setting limits which help animals know their boundaries.

Whether your animal friend is a horse, cat, dog…..they want to know where they stand with you.  And they want you to be the leader.  Allowing them to disrespect your personal space, not listen to you or failing to help them understand basic ground manners sets up a relationship of frustration and angst.

Once you establish fair and safe rules for your four-legged buddy, it frees them up to focus on being happy, carefree and devoted to the joy in your relationship.

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  1. Connie
    | Reply

    So true, Debra. Thank you for your wonderful writing!
    Will you come out to the Ranch Festival Saturday??

  2. Debra Saum
    | Reply

    Hi Connie. Thank you for your compliment! I will be there on Saturday. I hope to see you!

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