animal communication
Romeo’s Gimme Kiss

I was going through my photographs of Romeo the other day, looking for images I can use in an article I’m writing about horses, and this one struck a cord.  I remember the day vividly.  Bill’s (my husband) father Elman had grown up with horses.  Soon after the death of Bill’s mom as well as Elman’s diagnosis of dementia, we asked him if he’d like to spend some time with Romeo.  He was thrilled.

I’ll never forget how gentle, kind and affectionate Romeo was with my frail, 90+ year-old, somewhat confused father-in-law.  This photo depicts Romeo’s charming gesture of “gimme kiss”….something he and I had taught each other over the years and which he reserved for those people with whom he had a special affinity.  No matter that he was meeting Elman for the first time, Romeo made a point of including him in our little herd family by reaching out with that handsome face, asking for a kiss.  My heart swells even now as I think about how much I love that horse and what an impact he has had on my life.

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