Morning Light

Mornin' Felix

Morning light is magical.  Animals know this. They wake up to the sun……. can’t wait for it’s warmth and it’s message of a new day, new hope, new life. Nature is their divine guide.  They never question her wisdom and her rhythms…. What a blessing for us to learn from them this simple yet profoundly harmonious way of living.

In the morning light all things are possible…..New beginnings.  Refreshed perspectives…….


Mornin' Oscar

Our orange boys were especially excited this morning about breakfast.  It’s been bitter cold during the last few nights….well…bitter cold for Southern California which means almost freezing temperatures.  Oscar and Felix were both quick to take up their posts on the counter as I prepared their morning meal. 

When I grabbed my camera to capture them, I was struck by the ray of sunshine cascading through the windows upon a bouquet of flowers our neighbors had gifted us for Thanksgiving.  Still full of life, they were bathed in the magic of morning.

Mornin' Lily

I think animals and flowers are so much alike.  They remind us to follow our nature-instincts.  To be open to something as simple and lovely as sunlight; to trust that not only will the sun rise again each day, but so will our hopes, dreams and visions. 





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