Morning Ritual

animal communication
Good Morning Romey

There is a morning ritual I have with Romeo each day when I arrive at the Ranch.  I call out to him as I’m walking towards his paddock; he calls back.  By the time I reach his paddock he’s standing at the fence, ready for our greeting.   I stroke him, give him multiple kisses and then he gets a treat.  There are many mornings when we continue standing there, talking about stuff, sharing breath, enjoying the moment.  There are also mornings when he wants to hurry up with the treat and get going…out for a walk, out for a ride.

animal communication
Hurry up with the treat


This ritual is like glue for our relationship…it is the foundation of love, trust, regularity and acceptance upon which we both draw such strength and enjoyment.  Sometimes I don’t know which one of us loves it the most. 

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