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A few years ago, I was invited to participate in a most unusual art project titled “Le Cadeau Du Cheval  (“The Horse Gift”) in which equine artists from around the world created a 30′ X 20′  mural of a beautiful horse.  Large enough to be mounted on the side of a building, it has traveled the globe…a true testament to the glory of the horse.

Each of the 100+ artists created a single painting which when combined with all the other paintings, resulted in a giant mosaic-style portrait.  None of us knew what the final mosaic would look like, but were given guidelines and allowed to follow our instincts in creating our individual pieces of the mosaic.  My piece was titled “The Stallions Secret”.

animal communication
The Stallion's Secret


I recently received a link (from the creators of the project) to a video which features this project.  Please enjoy!

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  1. Connie
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    I always look forward to your blog and so enjoyed a closer look at this mural through the link.
    What number panel is yours, Debra?

  2. admin
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    HI Connie. Thanks for taking a look at the site for the Mural Mosaic. Isn’t it fascinating to click on each painting within the mural to see the details? It is a journey of paradoxes…in that the whole piece takes on an identity of it’s own, but is also a mysterious marriage of many other paintings. My painting is #26.

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