Napping With Horses 101: For Husbands

animal communication
Horse Napping

Over the weekend , my husband and I went to visit Remington.  I’ve been having back strain the last few weeks and have had to cut back on my twice weekly visits.  Bill, my ever- supportive, non-horse-person husband volunteered to come along once a week, doing all the driving and enjoying his time at the farm while relaxing, reading and taking in the quiet and peace of this beautiful place.

Although Bill loves Remington, his idea of visiting horses is a nice chair, a good book and watching the horses from a distance away……a long distance away.  It’s never really been a bone of contention between us.  I’m the one who’s been bitten by the horse bug and he’s the patient, supportive spouse.

animal communication
Bill, Watching the Horses

That being said, I have slowly been coaxing him to think about bringing his chair into the pasture with me and the boys so he can experience the other-worldly magic of horse napping up close and personal.  I assured him I’d make sure he didn’t get stepped on, bit or frightened…..these are very gentle boys who have learned to respect space and the worst that might happen is that William the Dennis-the-Menace 2 year old might be a pest before he settles down for the nap.

So Bill finally decided to join us on Saturday.  He brought his chair in while the boys were at the other end of the pasture grazing.  We sat and talked a bit and then I asked him to just sit with me, quietly and take in the richness of the present moment.  I didn’t tell him that while we’d been talking, I’d been telepathically asking Remy to come over to us.  It wasn’t until we were quiet and immersed in the stillness that Remy walked across the pasture to us.  He greeted Bill first, then came over to me for some kisses and the chance for a carrot.  Within a few minutes, William and Luke wandered over too and took a few minutes to visit with Bill before they all established their positions.  William predictably pestered Bill until Remy moved him away and then the three of them settled in next to each other, surrounding us, and started dozing off.  I suggested to Bill that he tune into the energy of this other dimension that is palpable when surrounded by three napping horses.   We all sat/stood quietly, taking in the delicious feeling of peace and oneness.

animal communication
Remy and William: What’s for Lunch?

It wasn’t until later that evening when I asked Bill if he was tired from all the fresh air and the long driving (we’d been caught in a  traffic jam and the usual one-way 60 minute drive to the farm took us much longer).

His response was “No!  I had ‘napping with horses’ today so I’m good.

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