Animal Communication

Romeo has a neighbor where he lives at Osuna Ranch.  He’s a big Paint named Snickers.  They have a unique relationship…ranging from tolerated neighbor to fellow man-in-charge.  When Snickers first moved to the Ranch, he and Romeo spent much of their time giving each other the stink-eye, debating territory and letting the other horses know which one was the leader.

During the last few weeks, there has been a shift in the energy between them…due in part because of my interaction with Snickers.  I have been giving him more affection (while Romeo is watching) and I’ve been talking with both of them about sharing space.  (their paddocks are directly across from each other).

I believe we can have a tremendously positive influence on our horse partners.  In the same way they teach us about honesty, compassion and patience, we can teach them about cooperation, harmony and trust.



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