New Neighbors

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animal communication
Who’s That New Dog?

I was watching our dog Bella interact with the new neighbor’s dog today.  At first unsure, she quickly became playful.  Aspen (the new neighbor dog) …who is still getting used to her new surroundings was tentative and nervous.  It struck me how opposite this new relationship is from the one Bella used to have with her best next-door girlfriend Blueberry.

The roles have switched.  Where as Blue was the official greeter for Bella when we first brought her home from the shelter…afraid and unsure…..Bella is now the welcoming committee for the new kid on the block.    So much like us, animals too go through their own posturing and adjustments with new relationships.  The only difference is perhaps they figure it out much quicker, unburdened by social expectations and constraints.  Within minutes, Bella and Aspen had figured out that playing was the best way to dive into their new friendship.

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