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animal communication
Bella’s New Toy

Our Bella has more toys than any dog I know….a girl’s gotta have choices, right?  It used to be that every time I was in the pet-food store, I couldn’t resist getting her a new toy.  I finally weened myself of this habit….only to find out that I had transferred it to my husband!  (Who used to lovingly tease me each time a new toy showed up).

Now it’s me who’s teasing him.  Except for today.  We were running errands and just happened to be in the pet-toy department when we were both attacked by the toy-habit….”Just one more..this one has a really good squeak in it”.

animal communication

It was of course a hit with not only Miss Bella but with Felix who watched her play with it from his perch above the open stairway where she loves to push the toys through so she can run down and grab them…..playing fetch with herself over and over.

animal communication
Felix Watching Bella

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  1. Robin crabtree
    | Reply

    We have a toy chest at my home for Callie and lily. Callie will actually dig through her toys for whichever one moves her at that moment!

  2. Mary Muncil
    | Reply

    What a great way to start my day Debra!

  3. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Robin….okay…toy chest. What a wonderful idea. Bella has her’s piled high on one of her numerous beds. As well as strewn about the house.

  4. admin
    | Reply

    Mary. Thank you! Watching Bella and the Orange Boys..watching Bella. There’s a great way to start the day! We are blessed by our fur-family, eh?

  5. Kim
    | Reply

    I love it!! We too have a toy bin for the pups! Everytime my husband Kenny returns from being out and about, Roxie has to grab a toy and run around with it like a puppy. Napoleon, aka Poochie, our papillion granddog has a thing for plastic caps – he can even open water bottles. This keeps him busy for hours. (until we can finally snag it away) Since my hubby got out of the hospital, he has been getting IV antibiotics every eight hours. While Roxie lays her head on Kenny’s knee and keeps vigil, Poochie lays in wait for the empty syringes. He will snag those so darn fast and the chase is on. I’m spending lots of time taking those to the outside trash. Thank goodness he hasn’t figured that out yet!Wish I could see Bella play fetch!!!

  6. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Kim. Well I guess the secret’s out that all us dog/cat/animal lovers are really toy addicts too! I hope Kenny is recovering well…I’m sure with your loving help and the playful aid from the canine and feline troops…he will be feeling chipper soon. Sending you all much love and light.

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