New York City Carriage Horses: Is It Really Abuse?


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Photo courtesy of Jon Katz

For many of us who don’t live in New York City, we aren’t aware of the plight of the Carriage Horses there.  Unfortunately, both the NYC Mayor and many so-called animal rights activists are waging war against this centuries-old industry, in the name of protecting the horse from assumed neglect and abuse.  And yet the Mayor himself has refused to visit the Carriage Horse Stables to witness first hand the loving care and companionship that exists between the Carriage Drivers and their beloved partners.

As an animal communicator and someone whose life is enriched by the presence of animals and their countless teachings in love, forgiveness, friendship and spiritual wisdom, I have talked with hundreds of animals who love their working relationships with humans.  From therapy dogs to horses who can’t wait to be ridden, to cats who help their humans to heal, animals love to feel important.  They thrive in having jobs that give them a sense of purpose and dignity.

I am shocked at the possibility that these magnificent carriage horses  may end up going to slaughter because of a few hysterical and uninformed individuals.  Many animal activists proclaim that the horses will go to green pastures once they are forced to retire from the jobs they love and yet the reality is that they won’t.

For more information about this, please watch this short video.  And please, pass it along.


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