No Judgements


animal communication

One of the challenges of being human is to conquer the habit of seeing the world through our judgements of it.  Judgement, by it’s very nature requires that someone or something is better than another. Whether we are being judgmental towards others, or having judgement directed at us, it’s really all the same junk.

I’ve never met an animal who judged me.  Didn’t like me, yes.  Wasn’t sure about me, yes.  But during those rare encounters. the animal’s intent was clear:  “I want to figure this out.  You might be someone I can trust, but I’ll need some time to make that decision”.  Clear, concise and direct.  No harboring of feelings, no misunderstandings, just plain communication.

How blessed we are to have non-judgmental, unconditionally loving animal companions to remind us how wonderful it is to be accepted just for who we are.

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