Our Greatest Teachers

animal communication

Animals have the uncanny ability to mirror back to us what we are thinking and  feeling…even when we aren’t aware of our thoughts and emotions…..sometimes especially when we’re not aware of ourselves.  How do they do that? 

Telepathy involves not only our thoughts and our feelings, but our deep seated beliefs.  Those buried conceptions, opinions and assumptions  we carry around inside us, of which we are unaware shape the way we do things,  they determine the decisions we make and they skew the perception we have of our world.  They create an unseen energetic force field that radiates from us and which precedes us where ever we go.  Sensitive personalities such as animals pick up on this field….it’s one of the reasons why they can be such great teachers for us.

If we realize animals have the wisdom and the consciousness to read us, many times imitating the mood we’re in by reflecting it right back to us…we can begin to not only understand and appreciate them for the highly intelligent beings that they are, we can gain enlightening glimpses into our own psyche.  Our beloved animal friends can help us better understand the underlying attitudes we posses, the places where we get stuck in old habits and the ways we might limit ourselves.  They can become our greatest teachers and our most treasured guides towards leading a life of joy, freedom and harmony.

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