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Amazing Grace

Passing…Such an appropriate name for what happens when we pass from one existence into another.  My beloved Romeo passed yesterday.  An unexpected and swift exit from this world into the next…..severe colic or perhaps a stroke.  I was thankfully with him when he took his last few breaths.  I laid down in the dirt next to him, my arms around his big body, my head laying on his.

Last night as I struggled to sleep, I drifted awake and heard the wind chimes on our back deck.  Tuned to the melody of”Amazing Grace” they usually play a variation of that beautiful song, depending upon how the wind moves them.  I looked out the window and realized, there was no wind.  The leaves on the huge tree outside our bedroom were still.  I listened….there were three distinct notes played, a pause, then again and again…the same notes each time.  I thought of Romeo and heard in my mind’s heart “I Am Here”, the words perfectly timed to the notes.  This continued for several hours.  I would drift into a semi-sleep and then be awakened by the chimes.  The same notes…the same words.

What an amazing gift from my beloved boy.  Now every time I hear those chimes, I will think of him.  He will be with me, reminding me that amazing grace is timeless, as is the love he and I share.


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  1. Robin
    | Reply

    My thoughts and prayers are with you! I was so glad to know that you were with Romeo as he took his last breath. What a lucky boy to have you but as I read your blog how lucky you were to have such a wonderful boy! I hope to see you soon. Johnny and Rico will miss their friend and I know they send their love to you as well! With love, Robin

  2. Connie
    | Reply

    I am SO, so sorry Debra. I am shocked myself on reading of Romeo passing. When you’re ready, would you meet me for tea or lunch one day? Sending you a big hug….take care of yourself in this difficult time.

  3. Kim
    | Reply

    Oh Deb!I have been thinking about you so very much these past couple of days – That sweet, sweet boy. I see him so clearly head high, wind blowing that beautiful mane. So very much love coming your way. I love his gift to you – and he is here with you –

  4. Cindy Chambers
    | Reply

    And he is with you Debra. Your blog moved me to tears. I am so sorry for your loss. Strength and love to you.

  5. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Robin, Connie and Cindy…..thank you for your thoughtful comments and concerns. I am thankful that my blog is a part of your lives and that you have been able to get to know Romeo through the many entries I have written about him.

  6. Marjan Brazier
    | Reply

    Dear Debra, you don’t know me, I came to read this through my friend Lisa. I am so sorry to read about your loss. The love of an animal is unconditional, and I strongly believe they will surround us, once their time on earth is over. I had a lump in my throat reading your blog, but I was happy that you were with him until the end. I hope you will get through this dificult time.


  7. Tiff
    | Reply

    Romeo was such a special soul…you and Romeo touched so many lives, and he was called to another “plane” to touch some more…you will be with him again, this time he will be in no pain, and you two will be able to do all the things you did here…he was soo lucky to have found you.. There are no accidents in this life…he taught us lessons and he wants us to remember those… He loved you Deb, and as you said, he is here…I’m here for you my sister..And we love you Xoxox tiff, Sarah, Eli, Leksi, Amira, Harry Potter and Jewel

  8. admin
    | Reply

    Hey Tiff….yes, my sweet sister..Romey did touch so many lives…thank you for helping me remember that. Maybe he’s busy now helping other horses learn how to let go of pain and to carry their beloved persons in their hearts forever.

  9. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Marjan, thank you for your most special words…I am so glad you found my blog. I hope the stories and musings from not only my Romeo, but all the other animals will bring you joy and understanding.

  10. Yuko
    | Reply

    Hello Debra,
    Thank you very much such sharing lovely story of Romeo.
    Although you already knows Romeo is still alive but I am sure you miss not able to see nor touchs. My loving thought be with you. Your friend Kim introduced us your website and told us about Romeo this morning via email.
    I am grateful I have checked, you have love-filled site. And I thank you for sharing with us.

  11. Jen D
    | Reply

    Oh Debra, I am so sorry for your loss. I have been reading your wonderful words for sometime now and appreciate your beautiful connection to the world. You had a special bond with this boy that can never be broken. Peace.

  12. Margot Wallace
    | Reply

    So so sorry for your loss! He was so fortunate to have found you and you him. We are gifted with these angels for such a short time with the promise that we will be reunited in eternity. You will be together again and meanwhile he will to you through your chimes!

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