animal communication
In Loving Memory of Sophie

I recently had a friend who asked me to tune into her friend’s dog…he was nearing his time to pass over. I was so touched by the sincere gratitude this wonderful dog had for his human who had cared for him during a long illness.  It was very important to him that she know the extent of his gratitude.

The passing of our beloved animal friends is probably one of the hardest challenges we face as animal lovers.  I’ve received countless calls from loving humans who are concerned about how to deal with this….  “Will I know when it’s time”  “Am I acting too quickly?” “Have I waited too long?”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this:   There is  NO “right” answer to these questions.  Only you, your beloved friend and your own true heart hold the answers.  Our four-legged companions are far more trusting of our decisions than we know.  The key is to trust the love and devotion we share with them and when the time comes for them to make their departure, know that they trust us unconditionally.

There are no wrong choices….there is no room for guilt.  There is only love.

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