Pasture Meditation


Turn out

When asked about ways to enhance the equine-human bond, I tell people about one of my favorite pastimes with my horse Romeo… “Pasture Meditation.”  This means that after our walk-abouts or after riding, Romey gets turned out……he has his pasture time and I have my quiet time.


Romeo Watches Me

There are some days when we visit during his turnout.  No words are spoken, no expectations are placed…it’s a kind of zen of doing nothing and we both thrive on these moments of peaceful union.

Deb's Bench


There are other days when I relax on my bench, surrounded by the pastures, the sounds, smells and serenity of nature…Romey and I occasionally checking in with each other from a distance.  These Pasture Meditations are how we strengthen our bond,  practice our telepathic communication and nurture our deep love and respect for one another.

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    And chicken house meditations too. I tuck the girls in at night and in their red warming light amid the soft clucking and shuffling as they settle down I find my own brand of barnyard peace. It fills me up.

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