Pepper Tree

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Pepper TreeThere’s a pepper tree next to Romeo’s paddock.  It has a distinct personality.  Seasoned, mature, content …..this tree knows it’s place. Living next to horses and providing them with shade and a sense of shelter is important.  It’s clear this tree knows that.

I don’t think that horses…. or any other animal for that matter…. dismiss the consciousness of trees.  Like everything else in their  natural world it’s the trees, rocks, dirt, clouds, weather and all living things they turn to for information, comfort and a sense of order.

I decided to hang this wind chime…a gift from a friend….in the pepper tree to honor it’s place and to thank it for always being there for the horses.  I think it’s important to honor all life…else how can we claim to be alive ourselves?




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  1. Barbara Techel
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    Such a lovely thought… brought my heart a peaceful comfort of how we are all connected.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thank you Barbara….indeed we ARE all connected!

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