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Animals have personal space just like we do…that silent but definable bubble that says “Approach me with respect.”

While watching the “Retired Girls” today in their large pasture and shaded shelter, so comfortable with each other and yet still so aware of each others need for space, I was reminded of how important it is for us to apply the same rules of personal space etiquette we expect from our fellow humans to the animals in our lives.

When approaching them…..a quiet, extended hand for them to smell, a gentle calling of their name, a deliberate pause before moving in to put on a halter or collar or to pet them…..These gestures not only develop trust in our relationships with animals, they speak volumes about our willingness to recognize them as the fellow sentient  beings they are.

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  1. robin
    | Reply

    So true!! learning that especially with Rico!!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Robin,
    I think with the especially sensitive and fine-tuned animals… Rico…they really appreciate when we approach them with a quiet heart and a gentle mind. It helps them feel calm and secure.

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