animal communication

I am having to expand my perspective with this lease I have for Scooter (the horse).  He is a kind, well trained fellow and very much loved by his human.   What is challenging for me is the emotional component of our relationship.  Scooter is affectionate and glad to see me, but not ready to connect with me on a deeper level.  He is glad to do his job and happy that I treat him with respect and love, but he makes it quite obvious that our relationship is perfunctory.  

After having had such a deep connection with my Romeo for so many years, I’m finding that in order to fully understand Scooter, I simply have to trust and let go.  As much as I want Scooter and I to have a closer bond, it is quite possible that our relationship may be based in a more objective, pragmatic realm.  Some horses take time to trust humans… hope is that as Scooter realizes I have much to give him, he will open his heart.

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