Play With Me

Good Boy Felix!

Animals are the masters of play.  It comes naturally to them….they beg of us to let go and live in the moment by inviting us to play whenever possible.

Our Orange Boy Felix invites me to play every morning when I’m in the kitchen finishing up the morning dishes.  He plans his invitation deliberately….making a grand entrance. Tail puffed, eyes wild he rushes to the cat tree and attacks it.  He waits for me to entice him…….”Get it boy….get it!”.  He charges up the post, grunting and sounding off, reaching the mid-landing and flipping onto his back as he looks upside down at me to make sure I’ve witnessed his conquest. 

“Good boy….you did it!!” 

It’s the same routine each day, yet it never fails to delight Felix and get him all wound up with delight and happiness……And it never fails to bring me utter gratitude and joy for such a wonderful playmate who reminds me of what’s really important in life.


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