Prayer Arrow

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Romeo's Prayer Arrow

Years ago I made Prayer Arrows.  They are my interpretation of an ancient Native American Vision Quest in which carefully chosen feathers, trinkets or other sacred objects are placed upon a special branch or stick.  This Prayer Arrow represents all the symbols of one’s true calling…an offering to Divine Wisdom and a promise to follow that calling.  Upon completing one’s Vision Quest, the arrow is flung from high atop a mountain ridge allowing the visions it contains to fly like the wings of the Divine.

animal communication
My Heart


I decided to do an Arrow for Romeo…as a thank you to him and as a vision for both he and I as we continue our journey.   While walking on the beach with my husband yesterday, I searched for the right piece of driftwood and when I picked up this stick, I knew instantly from it’s potent energy it was Romey’s Arrow.  I placed upon it special feathers from “Maya”, the Blue/Gold Macaw who used to live with my mom,  two heart-shaped stones, crystals, a lone earring whose mate was lost one day when Romeo and I were riding (they were my favorite earrings to wear when I was with him) along with other special trinkets.  Most importantly, I filled the Arrow with my love and devotion to Romeo and my faith in allowing things to unfold as they should…..for both of us.  It wasn’t until half-way through the creation that I discovered the stick looks like the leg and hoof of a horse!  What a wonderful confirmation….this Arrow holds very special power!

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Equine Prayer Arrow

This Arrow now lives on my easel where I am working on a portrait of Romeo….and where many more paintings and creations abound!

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  1. Mary Muncil
    | Reply

    simply beautiful Debra…what a lovely idea

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thank you Mary. The Arrows are very therapeutic to make and produce such a healing symbol of love and acceptance.

  3. Robin crabtree
    | Reply

    Love your arrow but especially the special items that are with it. I’m looking forward to Romeos portrait!

  4. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Robin. Thank you! I miss seeing you and the boys, but am planning an Osuna Ranch visit soon. Much love to you.

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