Puppy Love

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Mary and Bell Star

There is a kind and gentle woman named Mary who boards her horse at the stables where Remington lives who recently got a new puppy….. a 10-month old Mini-Australian Shepherd.   The breeder met Mary at the stables to deliver the pup and within minutes of signing the papers for her new girl who she named Belle Star, they were instant friends.    

I am often asked about pets from breeders vs. pets from rescue groups.  There is really only one thing I am opposed to and that is puppy mills and back-yard breeders who only breed animals for money and show no compassion, respect or love towards them.  But after years of talking to so many animals who have come from a variety of backgrounds…..purebreds, mutts, rescues, hand-offs, etc. there is one resounding thing they all have in common.  Each and every one of them is overwhelmingly grateful to have a family who loves them, takes care of them and encourages them to be themselves.

Yes, many shelters are overwhelmed with animals and far too many precious ones are euthanized every day.  Yes, there are exceptional breeders who take tremendous care and love in raising wonderful animals for adoption or sale.  And yes, every single one of these animals has a right to live his or her life in peace, fulfillment and surrounded by loving humans.

Perhaps the most important question isn’t “Did this animal come from a breeder or a shelter/rescue organization?” but “Did this animal find the loving and joyful home that he/she deserves?”

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