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animal communication
Felix and his kill

Our Orange Boy Felix has his own version of play time.  Unlike his brother Oscar who is addicted to playing fetch every morning with me, Felix entertains himself.  Preferring to create his own toys out of found objects  (one of his favorites being twist-ties….the used ones if you please, not brand new) he will suddenly erupt in a gleeful fit of play when he’s found one (I leave them lying about for him to discover.)

This morning, I heard him leaping around in shear ecstasy, tossing his twisty-tie about as though it was a fresh catch.  Backward somersaults, flying lead changes, flips and spins, ferocious chases, and gravity defying pounces ensued while he showed off his hunting skills. 

animal communication
The after-the-kill rest


Of course as soon as I grabbed my camera, he was quietly lying spread out on the floor, his kill near by….a look of sublime satisfaction on his adorable face.

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  1. Mary Muncil
    | Reply

    That is an adorable face…sweet enough to kiss (and I love the twist-tie that he is so proud of capturing!)

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Mary….oh yes that kissable face. There is something about those orange-boy faces, isn’t there? Especially when they belong to such characters who we love to love so much.

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